Our products can be used either by Equipment suppliers to develop their communication interface or by Manufacturers who need to integrate SEMI compliant equipments into their IT facilities.

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KCGEM200 is a library providing SEMI compliant standards for 200mm equipments. This library used with the SBSS framework allows easy development of SECS equipment drivers or interfaces compliant to GEM standards.
It includes :
E30 : GEM
The library includes as well additional drivers to implement following connectivities : SQL, Modbus, OPC, DMQ, DMBX, VFEI


This library is complementary to the KCGEM200 and provides SEMI compliant standards for 300 mm equipments.
It includes :
E39 : Object services
E40 : Process Management
E53 : Event report
E58 : Automated reliability, availability and maintainability standards
E87 : Carrier Management
E90 : Substrate tracking
E94 : Control Job Management
E116 : Performances tracking
E148 : Time Synchronization


KCSECS is a unique linux library for Equipment Automation and connectivity !

KCSECS is an extremely FAST and RELIABLE SECS HSMS Linux library for equipment automation and conectivity purpose. Our library has been used for many years in major semiconductor factories worldwide.


Developped in C++, and using only low level code from Linux : no 3rd part code.

Extremely Fast : to support Fast Data Collection and many simultaneous connections

High Quality UML design to be easily integrated

Multi protocols : SECS1, SECS2, HSMS, SERIAL or TCPIP

Stress and simulation tools available

Certified on main Linux distributions like RedHat and CentOs 

Running for years in major semiconductor factories

Multithreaded and high performances for HSMS connections

High level of logging capabilities : verbosity and accurate timestamp

Application cases

Tool SECS interface and driver : for OEM and equipment manufacturers

Tool Automation driver : Host side, used by factories to control SECS tools

SECS Passthrough : to listen the line, catch or inject some messages, to dispatch messages to different peripherals...

Peripheral integration 

Stress and simulation tools


  •  KCPassThrough is an extremely fast and reliable SECS communication software running on Linux
  •  KCPassThrough allows three different SECS entities to interact together whereas SECS protocol is designed for dual entities communications.
  •  KCPassThrough allows a Host/automation application and a third party application to communicate with semiconductor process equipment that has only one SECS interface.


  •   Reliable, already qualified and deployed in semiconductor factories.
  •  Running on Linux. Developed in C++, and using only low level code from Linux : no 3rd part code.
  •  No need to regularly stop/reboot it to apply patches or upgrades to prevent from security issues or other purposes.
  •  Allows Host/Automation to keep communication while you can stop the third party application for maintenance purposes.
  •  Multithreaded and high performances.
  • Easy shell script Installation. Easy setup using XML file.


  •  Several instances can run on the same platform.
  •  Support following protocols and interfaces: SECS/Serial, HSMS/TCPIP, SECS/TCPIP, SECSITelnet/TCPIP .
  •  High level of rotating log capabilities: verbosity, files count, files size.
  •  Monitoring and remote control available on SECS and XML ports.
  •  Capability to send emails in case of failures or status change.
  •  Capability to filter messages coming from Host or Equipment.


  •  Data Collection or Monitoring : Any data collection system such as FDC or monitoring system will be able to gather data on equipment without impacting automation application.
  •  Interface converter : Your equipment can be connected only through SECSI and your controller implements only HSMS. By plugging KCPassThrough in between, they can communicate together.

Requirements, Compliance and Support

  •  Certified on main Linux distributions like Red Hat and CentOS.
  •  Standard PC hardware, 2GHz CPU, 1GB Ram (scalable according to number of instances).
  •  Compliant with PDF Solutions Maestria ExternalPassThrough.
  •  Technical support by email and/or website.